2017 Contest Lineups

All events are KMEA Sanctioned Contest unless marked as BOA, MSBA or Non-sanctioned

DateContestContest Info/Judging Panel/Lineup
August 26, 2017Adair County - Mark Twain Pre-Season ExhibitionLineup
August 26, 2017Christian Academy of Louisville - Preview ShowLineup
August 26, 2017Muhlenberg Marching Classic - Preview ShowLineup/Judging Panel
September 9, 2017BeechwoodLineup/Judging Panel/Contest Info
September 9, 2017Bourbon CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 9, 2017Franklin SimpsonLineup/Contest Info
September 9, 2017GlasgowLineup/Judging Panel/Contest Info
September 9, 2017Madisonville North HopkinsLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
September 9, 2017McCracken CountyLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
September 9, 2017SouthwesternLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
September 16, 2017Butler CountyLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
September 16, 2017Campbell CountyLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
September 16, 2017EasternLineup/Contest Info
September 16, 2017Lafayette - Non-sanctionedLineup/Judging Panel/Contest Info
September 16, 2017Madison SouthernLineup/Contest Info
September 16, 2017Marshall CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 16, 2017North LaurelLineup/Contest Info
September 16, 2017Ohio CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 16, 2017RussellvilleLineup/Contest Info
September 16, 2017Taylor CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 23, 2017ApolloCancelled
September 23, 2017Bryan StationCancelled
September 23, 2017Graves CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 23, 2017Highland Rim - Westmoreland, TennesseeContest Info/Judging Panel
September 23, 2017LaRue CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 23, 2017Logan CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 23, 2017McLean CountyLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
September 23, 2017Nelson CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 23, 2017Pleasure Ridge Park - MSBALineup/Contest Info
September 23, 2017Pulaski CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 23, 2017Larry A. RyleLineup/Contest Info
September 30, 2017Ballard - MSBALineup/Contest Info
September 30, 2017Casey CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 30, 2017CorbinLineup/Contest Info
September 30, 2017Grant CountyLineup/Contest Info
September 30, 2017Morehead StateLineup/Contest Info
September 30, 2017Murray StateLineup/Contest Info
September 30, 2017Owensboro CatholicLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
September 30, 2017Powell CountyCancelled
September 30, 2017Warren CentralLineup/Contest Info
September 30, 2017Warren EastLineup/Contest Info
October 7, 2017Bellevue - MSBA
October 7, 2017Caldwell CountyLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
October 7, 2017Christian CountyLineup/Contest Info
October 7, 2017Danville
October 7, 2017Hardin Valley Academy - Knoxville, TennesseeContest Info/Judging Panel
October 7, 2017Hazard - CancelledContest cancelled due to construction at school.
October 7, 2017Henry County Marching Invitational - Paris, TennesseeContest Info/Judging Panel
October 7, 2017Madison Central
October 7, 2017South OldhamLineup/Contest Info/Judging Panel
October 14, 2017Butler Traditional
October 14, 2017Dixie Heights
October 14, 2017Grayson County
October 14, 2017Hopkins County Central
October 14, 2017Hopkinsville
October 14, 2017Male
October 14, 2017Simon Kenton - MSBA
October 14, 2017South Laurel
October 14, 2017Tates Creek
October 21, 2017A East Regional
Madison Southern
October 21, 2017A West Regional
Owensboro Catholic
October 21, 2017AA East Regional
Bourbon County
October 21, 2017AA West Regional
Owensboro Catholic
October 21, 2017AAA East Regional
Bourbon County
October 21, 2017AAA West Regional
Allen County-Scottsville
October 21, 2017AAAA East Regional
Madison Southern
October 21, 2017AAAA West Regional
October 21, 2017AAAAA East Regional
Tates Creek
October 21, 2017AAAAA West Regional
October 28, 2017KMEA SMBC
A Semi-final
October 28, 2017KMEA SMBC
AA Semi-final
October 28, 2017KMEA SMBC
AAA Semi-final
October 28, 2017KMEA SMBC
AAAA Semi-final
October 28, 2017KMEA SMBC
AAAAA Semi-final - Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium
October 28, 2017KMEA SMBC
Finals - Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium