Taking The Field

Question: I’ve noticed on several events, that when one band is finished and leaving the field, another band is moving onto the field. Is this when the 14 minute clock starts, or this “extra” time taken away from the allotted 14 minutes? It seem like this is an advantage to bands that have extra props to set up on the field to get out to the field before the band is announced “and now entering the field”.

Answer: To the best of my knowledge, the “official” 14 minute clock has always started with the announcement “now entering the field”. However, you do sometimes see groups starting to maneuver their additional equipment into the performance area before that announcement is made. None of the caption judges (visual or music) are responsible for enforcing the 14-minute rule. Normally someone from the host band provides a “timing and penalties” official to make sure all KMEA guidelines are being followed. It’s then up to the host/contest director to made the decision as to whether to assess a penalty to bands that either move into the area early or go over on time.

NOTE from kyband.com – the KMEA Rulebook States “Once a band has cleared the field and pit, the next band may move into the performance area. Bands may not begin their performance until they are announced to enter the field at their allotted time”.

– Mark Culp