KMEA Score Sheets

Question: How will the new KMEA score sheets affect bands this year?

Answer: To the best of my knowledge, the new sheets were designed with two purposes in mind. First, the sheets will facilitate a more complete evaluation of each aspect of a band’s program. Second, the new sheet provides a greater accountability tool for the judges. By moving from two or three sub-captions (depending upon which caption you were judging) to ten sub-captions for all judges provides each band very specific feedback as to where they can focus their efforts in rehearsal each week to improve their program. From a scoring perspective, I think things will be about the same as in past years. The biggest challenge will more than likely affect the judges. Personally, the most sub-captions I’ve ever had to judge on a sheet is four, so moving to ten is a big change. Judges will need to thoroughly understand the criteria in order to properly evaluate and score all ten sub-captions in the time provided.

– Mark Culp