Choose to Participate in SMBC

Question: Why do some bands choose not to participate in the SMBC?

Answer: I can’t speak specifically for those directors, but I would imagine there are a wide variety of reasons. Some bands choose to not compete at all (Scott HS and Scott County are two that come to mind). The directors of those groups have chosen a different path for the direction of their programs. Both of those schools have exceptional concert bands and provide a different type of program that they present during half-time (geared more towards entertainment). The members obviously still enjoy performing as their numbers haven’t declined since their decision to forego the competitive arena.

For others who compete during the year but opt not to attend the SMBC, it may be an issue of keeping the season short. Some directors prefer to end their season in conjunction with the end of the football season to prepare for holiday concerts, etc.

For some of the smaller AAAA & AAAAA bands, they may choose to compete in a different circuit or area that’s based on band size vs. school size (Mid-States, Marshall Univ., Vanderbilt, etc.) in order to compare themselves to bands that are of similar size.

And finally, it may be due to finances. Bands located in the extreme western or southeastern portions of the state will incur a decent amount of travel costs to compete at the SMBC and they may not always have those funds available, especially in today’s economy.

– Mark Culp